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chelonianmobile wrote in its_like_what
Homestuck High (not worksafe):

"I lust johnatan NOT YOU!" she eviscerated softly wilst she cries the velvit tears odf the mennopauses that climacate from the ruens of the reched pedimeants of life. "HE IS CUMMING FOR ME"

"No Rosa..." Sollux abatemented and he toke of his glasses to reveal the eyes of a worm lordess who crathed the fleash of the billium rectations of lacing china silk and his sockets were emptyed with aluminiem tissues made from the pancreus of god, "HE HAS SEXUAL INTERCURSE WITH GAMHEE AND TAVROS IN THE MOUNTAIN." he came.

Rose started to crey the tears of raen that fals on venus only no raen ever gos their becuz theres no warter but they were filed with the love of volcanic explshions and exploitees.

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I suspect the writer was opening the dictionary at random whenever they needed a new word.

welp. you just provided me with instant day-improvement. seriously what even

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff should stick to webcomics.

(alas, the link seems to be missing its payload?) (if that's a downside; my eyes may burn out reading it)

Dammit, sorry *goes to fix* Should work now.

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